Reason CMS Roadmap

This roadmap is a living document that gets updated periodically, especially during our Hack/Docs.

Reason CMS 4.8

Reason CMS 4.8 is planned for Winter 2017.

  • Faculty/Staff/Student profiles (enhanced directory)
  • Ability to group Faculty/Staff entities
  • SEO: Fix duplicate content issues
  • Twitter cards integration
  • FAQ sorting
  • Ability to lock all entities of a certain type
  • Multiple primary maintainers on a site
  • Multiple email recipients for event registrations
  • Site/page deletion redirect UI

See full list of 4.8 issues on GitHub.

And Beyond...

Server/Install Improvements

  • Streamlined install process
  • No rewrites, single .htaccess file at the top
  • One writable data directory that ships empty.
  • Reduced symlinks
  • Move modules out of minisite_templates

User Interface

  • Revamped admin interface with improved multiple item association

Template / Themes

  • Template / Page Type system revamp to increase flexibility
  • Unlimited modules per page area via module groups

Previous Releases

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