Restricting Access to Pages

Reason allows you to easily and securely restrict access to certain pages on your site. To restrict access you must first create a Group.

NOTE: Your site must have Groups enabled in order to restrict access. If Groups is not listed in the Content Types Menu on the Site Admin Page, contact your web administrator to add them to your site.

Restrict Access

To restrict access:

  1. From the Site Admin Page, click Pages from the left sidebar menu.
  2. Edit the page you want to restrict access to.
  3. From the left sidebar menu, click Restrict Access.
  4. Select the group you want to allow to access the page (anyone outside of that group will not be allowed to see it).
  5. Click Finish.

Note: When you restrict a page to a group, it applies not just to that page but to all the children, grandchildren, etc. of that page. In other words, you can restrict access to an entire branch of your site by just applying that restriction to the top page of the branch.