Faculty / Staff

Managing Faculty/Staff:

About Faculty/Staff Listings

A Faculty/Staff page is a special page type that automatically pulls its content from your institutions's directory database. It's not necessary to edit the page itself; instead, the content is managed through the Faculty/Staff content type.

Faculty/Staff listings display the contact information for personnel in your department. In Reason, you have control over which faculty and staff appear on your site. Some offices display their Student Workers, and some academic departments choose to display their Emeriti Faculty.

The directory generally provides name, title, office location, office phone number, and email address. You can also provide a short description and a photo of each person to make the page a more pleasant and informative experience for site visitors.

When someone updates their official directory information, the results are automatically reflected on your site. This way, directory information is always up to date and synched across the website.

Adding People to a Faculty/Staff page

  1. Click Faculty/Staff from the Content Types Menu
  2. Click Add Faculty/Staff
  3. Enter the person's username in the User ID field
  4. Enter any Personal Information about the person that you would like to add (this will appear below the directory information)
  5. Click Save and Continue Editing
  6. Follow the directions below to add a photo.
  7. Click Finish in the left sidebar menu

Adding a Faculty/Staff Photo

Although your institution's directory may include photos of all Faculty and Staff members, Reason is not set up to pull image content from such a database. To use existing directory photos, you will need to save them and upload them into Reason.

  1. Click Faculty/Staff from the Content Types Menu
  2. Click Edit next to the user username of the person
  3. click Choose Faculty/Staff Photo in the left sidebr menu
  4. If a photo has already been uploaded to Reason, simply click Select next the photo you want
  5. If a photo has not been uploaded to Reason, click Add Image and follow the instructions for Adding Images to Your Site.
  6. Click Finish in the left sidebar menu

Sorting Faculty/Staff Listings

  1. Click Faculty/Staff from the Content Types Menu
  2. Click the Sort These Items link
  3. Click a username and then drag and drop it to the place you want the name to appear
  4. Repeat until the list is in the order that you want
  5. Click Save

Removing People from a Faculty/Staff Page

  1. Click Faculty/Staff from the Content Types Menu
  2. Click Edit next to the person you want to remove
  3. Click Delete in the left sidebar menu
  4. Confirm that you do, indeed, wish to delete the person
  5. Check the site's Faculty/Staff page to see if the listing is gone
  6. If that doesn't work, it may be because the directory is still listing that person as a member of the office or department. Try contacting your Reason administrators to troubleshoot. It may be because of incorrect information in your institution's central systems (see the note below.)

Note: Removing people from a Faculty/Staff listing can be somewhat complex. This is because Reason is often connected to your institution's directory as the authoritative source of information about who works for which office and department. Even if there is no entry in Reason (e.g. if you deleted someone's entry), the person may still show up in a site's Faculty/Staff listing. Why are they still showing up? Because they are still associated with the office or department in the directory (e.g. they may have left the institution but they are still on the payroll). How do you remove them from the list, then? The only way is to change the directory.