Sharing and Borrowing Content

Reason CMS encourages the sharing and borrowing of content between sites, both to enhance institution-wide collaboration and to minimize duplication of effort. Different users of your organization can share news, events, images, and almost any other content type among their sites, and if the creators of a shared item change it, that change instantly takes effect everywhere the item is used.

Many organizations suffer from "silo" effects, where groups are not aware of each other's work and find it difficult to put in the effort needed to make their internal resources readily available to others. Reason's sharing features help to break down those barriers by making it just as easy to make a resource available to others as it is to publish it on your own site. Content maintainers still retain control over the content that appears on their site, and they can keep any item private if needed.

For information and instructions on borrowing specific content types, see the help pages for the content you want to borrow (images, events, news / posts, etc.).