Reason CMS User Documentation

Welcome to Reason CMS! We’re glad you’re here. This guide is designed to help you understand how Reason works and empower you to effectively manage your site’s content.

What is Reason?

Reason CMS is a free, full-featured, open source web content management system designed by and for higher education institutions. Reason allows you to quickly create websites and easily manage the content on your sites. With Reason, you can add, delete, and modify pages, images, videos, audio, newsletters, blogs, testimonials, event calendars, and just about any other type of content you can imagine. Reason CMS allows you to stack these building blocks together to make powerful websites, without being a web programmer.

Do Yourself a Favor: Understand Basic Reason Concepts!

Before we get started, do yourself a favor and read the section titled Basic Reason Concepts. Don’t worry, it’s not too technical. It will help you understand a few of the underlying ideas behind Reason, which will make things easier down the road.

Getting Help

Reason CMS is used by many different institutions, but as an open-source product there’s no centralized support for individual users. If you need help and can’t find the answer in this guide, contact your institution’s web team and they can help you with specific questions. If you don’t have a web team, visit the Reason CMS Google discussion group, and we'll do our best to answer your questions. If you would like to purchase paid support for Reason, check out the Reason CMS support partner list.