Winter 2013

The Winter 2013 Hack/Doc was held at Carleton College on December 5th & 6th.

Issues on the agenda:

  • Add "Hide from Search Engines" toggle on pages
  • Breakout Conversation: Web Style Guide
    Luther's Style GuideBeloit's Style Guide
  • Breakout Conversation: LDAP -> Active Directory Move Conversation
    • Luther is also in the process of implementing AD, though we will still use LDAP for a good long while
    • Carleton uses AD as the backed directory store, but we continue to use LDAP as a front-end so haven’t had to change anything
    • Luther is planning to implement an OAuth login
    • Carleton has implemented a OpenID login
    • Carleton will share code with Luther
  • Responsive Theming
  • Reason 4.6 Discussion
  • Course Catalog Update
  • Analytics Upgrades
    Luther has a upgraded the analytics module. Those upgrades should be integrated into the core. If we have change suggestions before the Hack/Doc some coding might be able to happen? Steve Smith will demo
  • Shared Projects
    This is a proposal to identify a readily outsourced project, and have a 3rd party do the development and/or design work needed using pooled resources.
  • Reason Website Improvement
    • What do people see when they first visit
    • Should we move it to its own domain?
    • Rework main page content, layout, messaging
  • Reason’s Future & Marketing
    Let’s talk about the future of Reason. What is our strategy for building/growing the Reason community, developing Reason support, etc.?
  • Video usage & integration
    Reason 4.5 will have new, improved, and much more flexible audio and video support. Matt can talk about how it works.
  • Social media integration
    Are there any new developments? How-to?
    Tabita will demo
  • Map integration & Map module merger
    Luther has developed a Google maps module. Carleton has developed a Google maps module with different functionality. Has Beloit done map work? We should merge them into one maps module to rule them all.
  • Events Discussion/Discussion
    Matt will demo and discuss upcoming changes to the Events module.
  • Modify RSS feed to include post content
    Make a publication by publication setting (default, teasers, content)
    Maybe default setting
  • Show/hide navigation info in page listings
  • XML sitemap generation
  • rel=canonical implementation
    Many modules create multiple URLs that display similar or equivalent content this goes against seo best practices
  • Disallow slot registation from duplicate e-mail addresses