Summer 2014

The summer 2014 Hack/Doc was held at Beloit College.

Issues on the agenda:

  • Content Manager rel field bug fix
    This github issue describes the bug that could be fixed.
  • TinyMCE Enhancements
    Andrew at Kalamazoo has made some enhancements to the TinyMCE integration. He can demo what he's done on Tuesday afternoon, if it works with the rest of our schedule.
  • Review & Improve Developer Docs
    Google doc
  • Maintenance Mode Improvements
    The maintenance mode isn't as universal a switch as it should be. Let's improve that.
  • Social Media Integration
    Social media integration for easily adding feeds from social media accounts. (Suggested by Melissa)
  • SEO project with 3rd Party
    SEO work as part of 3rd party project.  Nathan and Quinn will be working on this in connection with others working in Reason.
  • Storytelling capabilities
    Storytelling capabilities such as profiles and testimonials. (Suggested by Tabita) Carleton & Beloit have profile types, Carleton has a Quotes type that works well for testimonials, Beloit has a campus tour module that can be used for this purpose.
    Building out the information architecture and creating content for the site.
  • Page types
    Matt has done a lot of work on this and may be able to discuss/demonstrate his progress.
  • Improved formbuilder UI
    Tom has just completed the first version this, and it should be implemented at Carleton before Hack/Doc. The initial version provides feature parity with the old form-builder, so the new features listed below are candidates for hacking.
  • Fully responsive default theme
    This project will be a part of the 3rd party project, which will be a topic of discussion.
  • Course Catalog (Edit/Revise/Archive/RTF Export)
    This is a project Mark has been working on and he will give us all an update on his progress.
  • Opening PDFs in the browser (setting)
  • Merged, more feature-complete mapping module & framework
    Incorporating Carleton, Luther, & Beloit functionality, and events connections
  • Clean up deleters / post-deleters and expose batch deleter
    Probably too much work for hack/doc, but potentially worth talking about as a group.
  • Redirection for deleted pages/sites
    Tom sys that he got about halfway done during the hackdoc