Summer 2013

The Summer 2013 Hack/Doc was held at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

Some highlights:

Issues on the agenda:

  • Google Analytics
    Lets make some revisions to the google analytics plugin. Carleton has identified some changes / clarifications we are interested in that might be good enhancements to the core plugin.
  • SEO Improvements
    • Hyphen as separator
    • Reduce duplicate content / add rel canonical
    • XML sitemap as module API of sitemap module
    • Add character count notification on Description field of pages - less than 154 characters is ideal.
    • Add a setting to turn off generator of keyword meta tag.
  • Sitemaps? Page type broken in the core.
    The sitemap page type in the core seems to reference Carleton specific site types and is not functional outside of Carleton. We should fix the page type and review the module to make sure we have a working site map module and page type.
  • Hyphens allowed in URLs
    For SEO purposes, hyphens may be a better separator than underscores. We should minimally allow hyphens in URLs, and consider whether to disallow underscores.
  • More Screencasts! Get the ones we have online!
    Continue work on screencasts.
  • Course Catalog
    Can we provide a course catalog in Reason CMS? This would be a great core module. What integrations are needed?
  • TinyMCE
    What is the status of our work on TinyMCE? We have a branch with TinyMCE 4 and Andrew Bacon is working on the image plugin. We need a link plugin as well. How can we divide and conquer to have TinyMCE fully integrated by the July 31 release?
  • Google Maps in Reason CMS
    Both Carleton and Luther have added maps integration to Reason CMS in various ways. Lets look at what we have done. Is there overlap? Should we bring one or both solutions to a core. Sometime integrated? Something different?
  • Add maximum number of submissions as core feature of forms
    Right now, we have a thor view that lets you cap the number of submissions for a particular form. This is a feature that could be broadly useful, however. This project involves adding a field to the form content manager itself to set a limit on submissions.
  • Remove deprecated modules
    Review the modules in the core - determine if there are unused modules we can safely remove from Reason CMS.
  • Cleanup page types file
    Lets review what is in the page_types.php file and remove page types that are broken, deprecated, or otherwise unneeded. We can use the handy scripts/developer_tools/get_page_types.php script to find out which page types are not in use by any school using Reason CMS and consider deleting them.
  • Luther's Force Ranked List
    • Video and Google Maps discussions
    • Course/catalog module
    • User (and SEO)-Friendly URLs for Publications and Events
    • Multi-select options (e.g. news/posts, images, etc)
    • Hyphens in URL as default separator
    • Discussion on reducing duplicate page content (e.g. feature & pagination) using rel=canonical(?)
    • Sitemap generation
    • Page types for columns
    • Cleanup of page type layout/descriptions
    • Setting to turn off subdomain capability
    • Cost field for calendar events
    • Ability to group sites and give permissions at the group level (e.g. Faculty Site, Academic Department Sites,
    • Modern Languages Sites, etc)
    • Be able to see when a site's content was last modified
    • Improved image upload/ability to resize images within Reason.
  • Module performance improvements
    Dig into one of more commonly used modules and see what can be done to eke out some extra performance. Prime candidates are: Publications (widely used, can be slowish with large publications); Features module; Events (methods used to determine bounds can possibly be vastly simplified since events are flattened in Reason CMS 4.4)
  • TinyMCE integration
    TinyMCE fully integrated into Reason as default WYSIWYG editor. (Collaborative project - Kalamazoo, Luther, Carleton, Beloit).