Social Media and Blogs

Social Media

Reason CMS allows for quick and easy linking to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. By associating a social account with a site, you can display social media links right beneath the site navigation.

An integrated social media feed lets you embed social media feeds directly onto pages.

Social sharing is built in to many Reason modules, including publications and audio/video.

Blogs and Publications

Reason CMS allows users to create unlimited blogs and other news publications. Reason’s flexible publication module provides a variety of features, including:

  • commenting
  • categories
  • moderation
  • spam filtering
  • magazine issues
  • archiving

A templating system gives you powerful control over how your blogs and publications look, feel, and work.

Schools have used this functionality extensively to create:

  • student blogs
  • class blogs
  • departmental newsletters
  • news portals
  • full online alumni magazines