Reason CMS is True Open-Source Software

Reason CMS is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License). Anyone may freely acquire and modify the source code, and any published changes or additions to Reason will be made available under the same terms.

Reason CMS development priorities are determined by a steering committee that updates the roadmap every 6 months.

A Welcoming Higher Ed Development Community

The lead developers and partners are all in or from higher education. They understand the environment and are driven by the same values and principles as you are. In addition, they welcome new schools as peers in the community, with an inclusive roadmap process and regular Hack/Doc events at partner institutions.

Focused on Real Needs of Real Schools

Reason's evolution is driven by real-world needs within higher education. Its capabilities are all built and battle-tested at schools like yours.

Let’s Share the Work

Higher education institutions have a lot of shared needs and goals. Rather than separately reinventing the wheel each time we encounter these needs, wouldn't it be nice if we could work together to share the work? Reason CMS—both the software and the community—is built with that goal in mind. Join us!