Reason CMS allows you to upload unlimited photos and videos. Functionality for photo galleries and slideshows, and the ability to combine multiple media types on a page is already built in.

Reason automatically generates thumbnails and resizes images within content to make image management easier for site maintainers, and to encourage standardization across sites. You can also easily embed videos by simply uploading a video file or linking to an existing video.

Reason CMS has many multimedia functions and capabilities, including:

  • optimization for mobile devices and responsive design
  • batch image processing for publishing multiple images
  • built-in image galleries
  • metadata tagging for search engine optimization
  • hyperlinking images
  • quick and easy back-end search
  • sharing and borrowing of images between sites

Reason CMS includes an integrated system for plugging in media services. It ships with code that is compatible with:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Zencoder/AWS
  • Kaltura

Other media services can be added using a clearly defined API, and you can mix and match services (i.e., Vimeo for video and Zencoder for audio) in one Reason instance, providing tremendous flexibility.

Reason media can be access-controlled; schools have used this to power limited-access media libraries for departments and classes.

As with images, each Reason website gets its own library of audio and video. These can be shared, borrowed, searched, and placed on pages in a variety of ways.