Multi-Site and Multi-User Ready

You can create multiple sites and add as many users as you need with a single Reason installation. You won't outgrow Reason CMS.

Sitemap IconAny Number of Sites

Reason makes site setup easy. You simply complete a brief form with the necessary details and save the site information. A new site is created in seconds, and configured in minutes.

Each site can be configured with different functionality. This allows you to add features that are only available to some sites, and to keep users of simple sites from being overwhelmed by capabilities they won't need.

In addition, Reason automatically creates an organization-wide A-Z index based on the tags you add to a site during site set up. This provides visitors with a simple means to find the information they're looking for.

Adjust IconAny Number of Themes

Reason CMS comes with a built-in library of visual themes, so you can customize each site using a CSS-based theme system. You can also create new themes using CSS & HTML 5 templates. Plus, Reason lets you determine which themes are available on an individual site level, allowing you to provide a controlled way for departments, offices, student organizations, and individuals to select a look that matches their website.

User IconAny Number of Users

You can also easily add users and assign them to an individual site or multiple sites with customized editing rights. Users can be linked with your LDAP/Active Directory for shared identities and logins, or you can create separate accounts that are Reason-only.

Sharing IconBuilt for Sharing

Reason encourages sharing and borrowing of content to enhance institution-wide collaboration and minimize duplication of effort. Different users of your organization can share news, events, images, and other content among their sites, and if the creators of a shared item change it, that change instantly takes effect everywhere the item is used. Learn more about sharing content in Reason.

Money IconNo Extra Cost

As free, open-source software, Reason never charges to add users or sites. You can feel confident that as your editor base and web footprint grows, Reason will be able to accommodate it with no extra cost.