Mobile Responsive Delivery

In today's world users expect that websites should respond to their specific device. Responsive is at the core of Reason's design to ensure that story tellers need only worry about content and not a particular device's screen size.

Phone IconBuilt-in Responsive

Reason CMS is able to support the user shift to mobile devices with its built-in Foundation framework integration. Foundation is an open-source, advanced front-end responsive framework that is built with designers, developers, and users in mind.

Tablet IconResponsive Theme and Modules

The base installation of Reason CMS includes a responsive theme that can be expanded or used as a template for building a custom design. Not only is the included theme responsive, but so are all the various modules, from event calendars and blogs to forms and videos.

Desktop IconMobile and Desktop Support

The built-in responsive framework also supports larger screen devices, including laptops and desktops. Switching from a tablet to a desktop computer includes the same information and menu links, and it's always dynamically displayed in the optimal format.