Built By and For Higher Education

Reason CMS was initially created by Carleton College and continues to be driven by members of the higher ed community. We track developments and emerging standards in the technologies used by higher education, and prioritize efforts based on the needs of the institutions that use it.

This focus on the needs of colleges and universities distinguishes Reason from many other open source content management systems.

Some features that make Reason CMS perfect for higher education:

  • Broad collaboration: Allows collaboration on web projects between multiple site authors across campus.
  • Sharing and borrowing: Encourages sharing and borrowing of items for institution-wide use of shared resources.
  • Low barriers: Removes obstacles to publishing, since Reason focuses on informal rather than formal content review and offers the ability to publish immediately.
  • Easy to learn: Faculty and administrative staff need minimal training to use the system; little technical skill is required to be a Reason website editor.
  • Change tracking: Item history feature provides crucial rollback and auditing ability.
  • Directory integration: Core integration with LDAP/Active Directory powers automated staff and faculty listings, and allows campus-wide login to the CMS.
  • Event calendars: Powerful calendar capabilities eliminate the need to buy or integrate a separate system for public event calendars.
  • Course catalog: A built-in course catalog module that streamlines the creation and maintenance of a full-featured catalog. This module is built to integrate with your Registrar’s systems, or to stand alone to list the courses, requirements, majors, minors, and special programs at your educational institution.

Reason's higher ed credentials go beond the feature list. Members enjoy a collegial and collaborative community that meets twice a year at Reason hack/doc events to plan, improve, and document Reason CMS, and regularly help each other via the Reason CMS Google Group.