Adding New Users

  1. In the Master Admin, go to Users and select Create User.
  2. Give the new user a username.
  3. Choose the appropriate role for this user. See the User Roles glossary entry for more information about what each role does.
  4. Public Site Link Preference: The site admin page displays a link to "go to public site." The default behavior is to open the public site in a new window or tab, but you can override that setting for users who consider it to be a violation of the user interface design principle that users should always be in control of the interface.
  5. Logout Notification Preference: This option sets what type of notification a user will receive when their session times out due to inactivity. The default behavior is "in-page," but a javascript alert option is also provided, mainly for users of assistive technology.
  6. Choose the "Authoritative Source" for user data. Choose "external" if you are using another tool to manage usernames and passwords. If a user is not otherwise managed, selecting "Reason" as the authoritative source allows you to manage the user's name, contact information, and password.
  7. When you've finished filling out the form, choose "Save and Continue Editing."
  8. Now you can use the links to the left of the form to assign this user to his/her appropriate audiences (this may be done automatically if you are using an external authoritative source) and to give the user editing rights to specific Reason sites.
  9. Select "Finish," and you're done.