Reason CMS Administrator Documentation

Welcome to Reason Content Management System! We’re glad you’re here. This guide is designed to help Reason administrators create and manage sites, users, themes, and more.


How to download & install Reason CMS.

How to Organize Sites

Reason sites can be loosely organized by "site types." Here's how to take advantage of this feature to build a site map and manage theme availability.

Create a New Site

Step by step instructions for creating new sites.

Adding Users

Adding and managing site users.

Adding Content Types

Give sites more options by adding additional content types.

How to Create Themes

Set up themes to change the look & feel of your sites.

Managing Admin Links

Admin Links are a simple way to give site editors access to custom tools, or to "pin" links to helpful sites or documentation.

Managing Views

Views let you pre-define how entities are listed in Reason. A view can be applied to a single site, a few sites, or across Reason.

Adding Social Accounts

You can add social accounts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) to your Reason sites.

Creating Page Titles

Learn how to create and set up page titles.