• I find Reason very easy to work with (both from the content and the design side of things) and the process to add custom modules and functionality to be very intuitive.
    Amanda Frisbee, Web Designer & Developer, Wisconsin School for the Deaf
  • Reason has significantly increased the number of staff who can contribute to web content management, updates, and corrections. We are able to be focus our attention on content and are freed from addressing design components at every turn. The integration of social media feeds complements the dynamic nature of our physical and web space.
    Lisa Viezbicke, Library, Beloit College
  • I’ve used Reason CMS for several years and found it to be a useful and reliable tool to manage website content. Reason is easy to learn and just as easy to use. Even those with little to no knowledge of HTML will find the software allows them to create, update, and track the history of their web pages in no time.
    Tom Kreiser, Admissions, Beloit College
  • Reason’s ease of use has allowed us to confidently distribute content creation opportunities broadly across campus. Non-technically savvy individuals can easily apply a robust set of feature options in managing their department, club, team, or ensemble web pages. With faculty, staff and students serving as content creators and owners, our web messages are more current, more interesting, and more valuable.
    Rob Larson, VP Communications and Marketing, Luther College
  • When I first started working at Luther's Web Content Bureau as a student, I was nervous that my lack of experience with managing web content and computers in general would hold me back, but Reason was simple enough to get the hang of quickly. Reason's menu of options clearly lays out all possible actions for the content or page I'm working on, so it's easy to keep track of each part of a site.
    Audrey Dontje Lindell, Web Bureau student worker, Luther College
  • As a designer, Reason has given me powerful tools to achieve my vision, whether implementing responsive, dynamic designs or building sophisticated web applications. We have been able to meet a wide variety of needs while still keeping things simple for our content maintainers and retaining easy upgrades when new versions of Reason come out. It has proven to be an incredibly flexible and robust platform for us at Carleton.
    Matt Ryan, Designer, Carleton College