Reason 4.3 Released

January 31, 2013
By Nathan White

Reason 4.3 is out!

Thanks to contributors from Beloit, Luther, Kalamazoo, and Carleton, this release features exciting new integration with Kaltura and Google Analytics, and a host of other improvements. Between Reason 4.2 and 4.3 we had 342 commits from 9 authors, with 751 changed files.

Some highlights:

  • Kaltura powered transcoding and HTML5 video delivery. Scripts to help setup the Kaltura server are coming soon. (Thanks Marcus!).
  • Google Analytics is now integrated into the administrative interface - access site and page level statistics (Thanks Steve!).
  • A new JavaScript powered form builder can be turned on in the thor_settings.php file (Thanks Andrew!).
  • ImageMagick (while recommended) is no longer required (Thanks Noah!).
  • New plasmature type available, chosen select, a fancy select box. (Thanks Ben!).
  • New theme customization framework now available (Thanks Matt!).

We'll be working on posting more practical information on integrating and using major new features - stay tuned.

Please post questions, comments to the Reason Discussion Group @ Google Groups. Enjoy Reason CMS, and please report bugs on github.

We'll provide bug fixes on this branch at least until Reason 4.4 is released in July. Watch for a virtual machine version of Reason 4.3 soon - this will replace the LiveCD downloads we have offered in the past.