Reason 4.3 VM Released

March 8, 2013
By Nathan White

We now have available for download a Reason 4.3 Virtual Machine (VM).

The VM is provided in Open Virtualization Format (OVF), compatible with VirtualBox, VMWare, and other virtualization software.

When you launch the VM, based on CentOS, it will obtain an IP address via DHCP and inform you of that IP on the login screen. You can then visit your Reason CMS instance in your favorite web browser.

Here are a few use cases for the new virtual machine:

  • You are evaluating Reason CMS but don't want to setup a server.
  • You want to test out some code you are developing with a clean install of the Reason core.
  • You are hosting a hack/doc and want a consistent development environment for all participants.

Thanks to Willy Lee for helping to get the VM up and running.

Let me know if you find this VM useful or have suggestions for future versions.