Partner Institutions

Reason is used by and contributed to by the following partner institutions:

Reason Steering Committee

The Reason Steering Committee determines development and documentation priorities for Reason CMS. The committee meets biannually, in conjunction with Reason Hack/Doc events, to discuss priorities for upcoming releases and update the Reason CMS Roadmap.

Currently serving on the committee:

  • Carolyn Zinn, Kalamazoo College
  • Melissa Dix, Beloit College
  • Matt Ryan, Carleton College
  • Tabita Green, Luther College

Reason Hack/Docs

Developers and content creators from the various schools that use Reason gather twice a year for a brainstorming and work session event known as Hack/Doc. Attendees take part in planning the future of Reason by deciding on the roadmap and discussing upcoming features. More about Reason CMS Hackdocs